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Oracle 1Z0-859 Exam | Java Enterprise Edition 5 Web Component Developer Certified Professional Upgrade Exam

Vendor : Oracle

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1Z0-859 Testing Engine

Oracle 1Z0-859 Exam Testing Engine

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1Z0-859 Practice Tests + PDF

Oracle 1Z0-859 Exam Practice Tests + PDF

Last Updated: Aug 02, 2018
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1Z0-859 Question and Answers (PDF)

Oracle 1Z0-859 Exam Question and Answers (PDF)

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1Z0-859 EE 5 Web Component Developer Certified Professional Upgrade Exam Overview

The total number of questions in the Oracle 1Z0-859 exam is 50 in the multiple choice format. The minimum score required for passing the exam is 72% and the associated certification with this exam is Oracle Certified Professional and Java EE 5 Web Component Developer certification.

Oracle 1Z0-859 Exam Topics

The topics included in the Oracle 1Z0-859 exam are given below for giving an explicit idea to the candidates what actually they have to prepare for the exam

The Servlet Technology model

The knowledge about the description of purpose as well as sequence of the servlet lifecycle that consists of class loading, instatiation, calling the init method, calling the service method and calling the destroy method is measured and verified by the Oracle 1Z0-859 exam.

The structure and deployment of Web Applications

The candidates are required to be capable of constructing the correct structure of the deployment descriptor so they should get enough knowledge about it.

The Web Container Model

The ability of a candidate that is required for description of the web container request processing model, writing as well as configuring the filter, creation of a request or response wrapper, description of the Web container life-cycle event model for sessions, requests, web applications, creations and configurations of listeners for each scope life, identifying the proper attribute listener to use is expected to be done by the candidates who take this exam.

Session Management

The ability required for writing a code that for responding to an event at the time when a session object migrates from one virtual machine to another, the ability required for writing a code for responding needed for giving the description, the knowledge of a procedure used for the cookies management to answer the questions in the exam.

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Web Application Security

The ability required for declaring the security constraint, the transport guarantee, the login configuration as well as security role is checked and validated by the Oracle 1Z0-859 exam.

Building JSP pages with the use of Expression Language

The ability of a candidate required for writing a code in a specific scenario by making the use of collection and property access. The ability to write EL code that makes use of the relational and logical operators and arithematic operators.

Use of Standard Action to Build JSP pages

The ability of a candidate required for designing a goal, creating a code snippet for the use of the following standard actions such as: jsp: include, jsp: forward, and jsp: param.

Using Tag Libraries for Building JSP Pages

The ability of a candidate that is required for making the use of appropriate JSP Tag library tag from the “core” tag library.

Building a Custom Tag Library

The ability of writing a tag handler code for accessing the parent tag and an arbitrary tag ancestor, the ability of giving a description of the semantics of the simple custom tag event model at the time when event model is executed is checked and verified by the Oracle 1Z0-859 exam.

J2EE Patterns

The ability to match a design pattern with the statements while describing the potential benefits that are used to arrcue from the use of the pattern for Front Controller, Transfer Object, Business Delegate etc.

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