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Oracle 1Z0-805 Exam | Upgrade to Java SE 7 Programmer

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1Z0-805 Testing Engine

Oracle 1Z0-805 Exam Testing Engine

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1Z0-805 Practice Tests + PDF

Oracle 1Z0-805 Exam Practice Tests + PDF

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2018
Total Questions: 90
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1Z0-805 Question and Answers (PDF)

Oracle 1Z0-805 Exam Question and Answers (PDF)

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1Z0-805 Upgrade to Java SE 7 Programmer Exam Overview

The number of questions in the Upgrade to Java SE 7 Programmer exam is 80 and the format of questions is multiple choices. The duration of exam 150 minutes and the minimum score to pass the exam is 60% and the associated certification of this exam is Oracle Certified Professional and Java SE 7 Programmer Certification.

1Z0-805 Exam Topics

The topics to be included in the 1Z0-805 Upgrade to Java SE 7 Programmer Exam are given below in detail for giving an idea to the customers what should they prepare for the exam

Language Enhancements

The candidates should learn how to learn developing the codes that uses the diamond with generic declarations, the ability of developing the codes that that handle multiple types of exceptions in a single catch block, the knowledge and ability that is required for development of numeric and binary literals with underscores. The development of codes that makes uses of String objects in switch statements, the development of codes that make use of try with resources statements.

Design Patterns

The ability required for designing a class that makes the use of Singleton design pattern, applying the objet composition, writing codes for implementation of the Data Access Object pattern, designing as well as creating objects while making the use of factory pattern.

Database Applications with JDBC

The description of interfaces which all make the core of the JDBC API such as Connection, Statement, ResultSet Interfaces and their relationship to provider implementation. Identification of the components that is required for connecting to the database while making the use of DriverManager class.  The construction and use of RowSet objects by making the use of RowSetProvider class and the RowSetFactory interface.

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Identification of codes that may not execute correctly in the multi- threaded environment, using the collections from the java.util.concurrent package by focusing on the advantages over and differences from the traditional java.util collections. The ability to use ReadWriteLock, Lock, and ReentrantLock classes for supporting the lock-free thread-safe programming on single variables in the java.util.concurrent.locks package is measured and validated by the Oracle 1Z0-805 exam. The knowledge as well as ability of using the parallel Fork/Join Framework needs to be obtained by the candidates while taking this exam.


The ability of a candidate that is required for giving the description of the advantages of localizing an application, defining the country codes and use of a locale language. The ability of reading and setting the locale with a Locale object is measured and validated by the candidates who appear in the Oracle 1Z0-805 exam. The ability of a candidate required for calling a resource bundle from an application, formatting dates, currency values and numbers for localization with the Date Format and number Format Classes.

Java File I/O (NIO.2)

Finding a file with the PathMatcher interface, checking, deleting, moving and copying the file or directory with the File Class is expected from a candidate who takes this exam. The ability to recursively access a directory tree while making the use of DirectoryStream and FileVisitor interfaces.

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