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Oracle 1Z0-117 Exam | Oracle Database 11g Release 2: SQL Tuning

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1Z0-117 Testing Engine

Oracle 1Z0-117 Exam Testing Engine

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1Z0-117 Practice Tests + PDF

Oracle 1Z0-117 Exam Practice Tests + PDF

Last Updated: Sep 06, 2018
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1Z0-117 Question and Answers (PDF)

Oracle 1Z0-117 Exam Question and Answers (PDF)

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Oracle Database 11g Release 2: SQL Tuning 1Z0-117 Exam

There are total 75 questions in the 1Z0-117 Exam and the allocated time to solving the questions is 150 minutes. The candidates are required to score 61% marks in order to pass the exam and the pattern of questions in the exam is multiple choice.

1Z0-117 Exam Associated Certifications

The certifications associated with the exam are Oracle Certified Expert and Oracle Database 11g Release 2 SQL Tuning.

1Z0-117 Exam Topics

The topics to be included in the exam are given below for making the students understand how their knowledge will be evaluated and what they should prepare actually for the exam.

SQL Tuning Introduction

The candidates should be capable of explaining the tuning tasks, the use of Oracle tools that are used for tuning SQL and the knowledge about attributes of SQL which make its performance poor.

SQL Tuning Advisor

The skills required for describing statement profiling and the use of SQL tuning advisor are expected in the candidates taking this exam.

Optimizer Introduction

The introduction of optimizer is essential for the candidates and they should know about the several phases of optimization and the candidates should be able to give an explanation for need of an optimizer.

Application Tracing

The ability to give interpretation of the output tkprof command as well as the format trace files is measured in the exam.

Optimizer Join Operations

The candidates are required to be capable of describing the operations of SQL for joins as well as the candidates should be capable of describing the possible access paths for the joins.

Statistics of Optimizer

The skills required to gather the statistics of optimizer as well as to gather system statistics are validated by the exam 1Z0-117.

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Usage of Bind Variables

Bind variables should be known to the candidates by mainly focusing on the use of bind keeping and usage of adaptive cursosr sharing.

SQL Access Advisor Usage

The skills required to use the SQL access advisor are expected to be present in the candidates taking 1Z0-117 exam.

Hints to Use Optimizer

The knowledge of hints to use optimizer should be known to the candidates as well as the insight to use those hints at the appropriate time is also expected from the candidates. They are expected to be familiar with the query transformation, join views and orders.

Parallel Execution Basics

The knowledge about basics of parallel execution, parallel theory and the details of operations that can be parallelized is checked and validated by the exam.

Materialized Views

The candidates are required to know that how to make summaries for improvement of performance as well as the skills to differentiate types of materialized views.

Concepts of Partitioning

The ability to explain partitioning strategies and pruning is expected to be existed in the candidates taking this exam.

Manual DOP Management

The candidate should be able to give explanation for the plan of a parallel query, parallel DDL and DML.

Statement Queuing

The ability to give explanation for DBRM, concurrency and queuing is expected in the candidates.

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